Knowing John Mulaney purposely changes the cue cards to get Hader to laugh makes it even better. Knowing he will try to put the same name more than once to make Hader lose it makes it amazing.

Oasis - Wonderwall Still a perfect song.

I can’t ask for more.


Weather Guard Captain, father, and general nice guy Joey Krietemeyer asked us if there was anything he could do to help promote us at his local comic book shop. So here is a flyer for anyone and everyone to print and post at their local comic shop, college bulletin board, coffee shop, or leather daddy bar.

Send us a pic if you post it anywhere, we’d love to see it. Or just post it on Tumblr, Facebook, or Tinder.

The full RES file is here:

The Skids - Duce x x x x x x x